Vera Koedooder
Vera Koedooder @Vera_Koedooder 27 Aug

Incl. my missed corner ;-S RT @LottoCyclingCup : The last episode of @Motomediateam of this year’s #LottoBelisolTour

Loren Rowney
Loren Rowney @LorenRowney 27 Aug

So cool to see young Aussie talent like @NettieEdmondson & @amylcure coming through and dominating in Europe! #proudaussie

Kirsten Wild
Kirsten Wild @kirsten_wild 27 Aug

Videoverslag van etappe 4

Manel Lacambra
Manel Lacambra @lacambramanel 27 Aug

Video recap stage 4 (Kapelmuur) Lotto Belisol Tour

LottoBelgiumTour @LottoBelgTour 27 Aug

Finally! The last episode of @Motomediateam of this year’s #LottoBelisolBelgiumTour

Gracie Elvin
Gracie Elvin @gracieelvin 27 Aug

Glad for this day to be over! Tired emotional, lost important cycling items and have gastro. Lucky my fam are here to look after me! #love

Tiffany Jane
Tiffany Jane @tiffanycromwell 27 Aug picture

My idea of a tip top dessert ... Lemon and ricotta pancakes topped with homemade raspberry and rhubarb…


Carla Ryan
Carla Ryan @carlamryan 27 Aug

2 wins in 2 days for 2 talented young Aussies! Congrats @NettieEdmondson and @amylcure #thefuture

Carla Ryan
Carla Ryan @carlamryan 27 Aug

@irisslappendel Thx Iris. Your're too kind. Miss seeing your big smiling face in the pelo xo

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