BORA – hansgrohe
BORA – hansgrohe @BORAhansgrohe 4h picture

Happy birthday to @EmuBuchmann 🎂🎉 Join us in wishing Emu all the best for today!


Romy Kasper
Romy Kasper @romykasper 19h

Back to business It’s time to start training again 🚵‍♀️ big goals ahead 👊🏻 let’s work as hard as possible to chas…

Fabian Wegmann
Fabian Wegmann @FabianWegmann 17 Nov

Ein Interessantes Gespräch mit @BORAhansgrohe Teamchef Ralph Denk. Viel Spaß beim zuhören!

BORA – hansgrohe
BORA – hansgrohe @BORAhansgrohe 17 Nov

Next up in our series of memorable #BandOfBrothers moments from 2019... At @LiegeBastogneL , we had two riders on t…

CANYON//SRAM Racing @WMNcycling 16 Nov

Five things @alexismryan is looking forward to with our team in 2020: “Winning together. Losing together. Growing t…

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CANYON//SRAM Racing @WMNcycling 16 Nov

“Trust. Through good and bad times, it has been the only constant these last four years. I trust my teammates; I tr…

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Johannes Fröhlinger
Johannes Fröhlinger @j_froe 16 Nov

Life is a road and it's time to take a turn in another direction. Huge thanks to everyone I met on my journey of al…

Björn Thurau
Björn Thurau @BThurau 16 Nov

Vor einer Woche wurde mein Vater 65 Jahre alt! Hier nochmals der Bericht aus der Hessenschau. Es gab Höhen und Tief…

Romy Kasper
Romy Kasper @romykasper 16 Nov

After a cloudy day yesterday, here another coffee place 😎 Enjoying my last day before I er back to work 🚵‍♀️🚵‍♀️…

Elke Healey-Gebhardt
Elke Healey-Gebhardt @ElkeHealeyGeb 15 Nov

All the best for you @j_froe 🤗

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