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Shane Stokes
Shane Stokes @SSbike 24 May

I was thinking yesterday that I’d like to read the thoughts of those he went to school with, etc. He definitely isn…

Dave Smith
Dave Smith @ffflow 24 May picture

@cabinetofficeuk Yeah, must not allow the truth to be told. Was this the one?

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Alan English
Alan English @AlanEnglish9 24 May picture

A little background to today's Mary Lou McDonald interview

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Guy Verhofstadt
Guy Verhofstadt @GuyVerhofstadt 24 May picture

Following the Cummings saga in the UK, this is spot on..

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Luca Zaia
Luca Zaia @zaiapresidente 24 May picture

❌❌❌ HAPPY HOUR? ❌❌❌

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Alex Cole
Alex Cole @acnewsitics 24 May

Here you go @JoeBiden the 30 second ads write themselves. It took me 10 minutes to make this. Trump golfs while Ame…

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Alan English
Alan English @AlanEnglish9 24 May

Tomorrow's Sunday Independent front page. I think 5,700 words counts as a big interview. @oconnellhugh talks in con…

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