Séamus Dooley
Séamus Dooley @Seamusdo 12h

BAI seeks clarity on Communicorp banning journalists from ‘The Currency’ https://t.co/jhIPTsQg6D @NUJofficial @TomLyonsBiz @ipkehoe

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Paul Kimmage
Paul Kimmage @PaulKimmage 16h

‘Minding Richie’ starring Matt Damon, Robin Williams, Gay Byrne, Gabriel Byrne, Tony Soprano, Anthony Clare, Liam B… https://t.co/jj541cNGS9

Louise McCarron
Louise McCarron @loumccarron 16h

This will be a great night... Huge thanks to all involved @PaulKimmage @ShaneLowryGolf @OTooleGary @HouseDublin2 A… https://t.co/w7fmF95VHd

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Tony Whelan
Tony Whelan @Tony_Whelan 19h

Funny old week 😳 Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose : #DrRichardFreeman #ShaneSutton #DavidBrailsfordhttps://t.co/td7w9Xq8Jd

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Matt Brammeier
Matt Brammeier @Mattbrammeier85 22h

Keeping up with tradition! Another good job lads! Well done. #GBCTU23Academy 🇬🇧 @BritishCycling https://t.co/EBSJrIQjPY

Carole Cadwalladr
Carole Cadwalladr @carolecadwalla 17 Nov

BREAKING: Boris Johnson flew to Italy without his security detail & met ex-kGB agent 2 days after NATO summit to di… https://t.co/I8ojqsLoHC

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CormacBourke @cormacbourke 17 Nov picture

Sunday Independent page 1 https://t.co/4auoekeu83

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Shane Stokes
Shane Stokes @SSbike 16 Nov picture

Grand view from Croagh Patrick 👍 https://t.co/jJwT3iPebi


Gavin Henson
Gavin Henson @gavinhenson82 15 Nov

Amazing. @BBCScrumV you Need to interview every player that played under Gats, a simple question - have you taken a… https://t.co/FJl4OjYWBK

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